We here at COLLEGE MANTRA help you shape your career by guiding you towards best of colleges according to your preferences. We will help you gain more confidence, reduce the stress involved, and successfully complete all aspects of your application to college

We understand that the admissions process can be stressful and confusing for applicants and their families, therefore, if you want our admissions consultants can handle the entire application process for you.

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Reaching The Stars For Our Students

Welcome to the College Mantra

Our admissions consultants have worked in admissions offices at top colleges including medical colleges and business colleges. They have a strong understanding of the college and university application process.

Our services are extremely helpful to students and families seeking admission to top colleges and universities.College Mantra has helped hundreds of applicants successfully get into colleges.

We Can Help

If You're In Trouble

If you are low on your merit/entrance exam score, we can help you get direct admission through management quota too.


Career Counselling

During the phase, when you just have passed 12th class, so many things are racing in your mind and you are not able decide which field to enroll in.

We will help you to choose the best field according to your interest.

Direct Admission- Management/NRI Quota

Are you low on your Merit score or Entrance exam score? Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you cannot pursue your dream of becoming engineer/doctor or anything.

We can help you get direct admission through management quota in comparatively less 

College/University Selection

One of the hardest tasks is to choose college/university among these increasing number of institution.

We will help you choose colleges according to your preference. 

Admission Guidance

Different colleges/universities follows different admission procedures. You are more likely to be caught up in that and start getting irritated.

We will help you by giving a heads up about the admission procedure of the college you chose, resulting in hassle free admission.   

Remote Admission

It is not necessary that your city/state have the best colleges. Sometime it is not possible to visit the college,which is far from your city, to do the necessary paper work.   Don’t worry. We will do the necessary work on your behalf while you stay at your home.

Follow Up

During the admission process, no one is stressed more than parents.

We will help you gain more confidence, reduce the stress by providing timely updates. You can contact us too anytime you want.

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